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Hello, on behalf of our Civic Association, we want to address the wide general public for the benefit of a very good cause, for the benefit of life!

My name is Matej Fúra (36). I live in Stankovany, in a village in Liptov. I grew up here and my wife and I decided to stay here. We bought an older house that we are renovating. We are a young couple, no children yet, house under construction, mortgage on our necks. The joy of living ... Our neighbor is Michal, who is 10 years younger than me, but has already "managed" more than I have. He has a wife Dominika (26), he also has two beautiful sons, Tomáš (7 years) and Miško (3 years). And unlike me, the house has already been renovated. I feel like an ordinary slacker with Michal. One would envy him, but ...

In 2017, Michal was diagnosed with spinal cell / sclerosing rhabdomyosarcoma on the left parafaryngeal. In short, a tumor in the neck Subsequently, he repeatedly underwent demanding treatment at the Military Hospital in Ružomberok, at the National Oncology Center in Bratislava, as well as proton treatment in Prague. Recent examinations, however, have shown a recurrence of the underlying disease and it seems that oncological treatment in Slovakia has exhausted all its possibilities.

Together with Michal, we consulted the current treatment with experts from  the NextGen Oncology Group in Düsseldorf , where they know how to perform a comprehensive analysis of the genetic information of the tumor at the DNA and RNA level. Based on the examination, they can design and apply targeted treatment. The total costs related to diagnostics, medical therapies abroad and nutritional support for Michal is 75,000 euros. Michal, as a cancer patient and at the same time a husband and father of two children, cannot afford to pay this amount.

That is why we want to ask you for a financial gift in this way, which would help Michal in the fight against this disease and give him a chance at life!


Amount collected so far:


of  75.000€

Amount paid so far:



This big and honest word belongs to everyone who has helped us in any way to reach the target amount in such an incredibly short time. With great support from you, we were able to send samples for analysis to laboratories at NextGen Oncology Group in Düsseldorf. As Michal is just after chemotherapy, we decided to use samples that were taken from him in the past during his treatment in Slovakia. However, it may happen that they will no longer be of the required quality and Michal, despite our efforts, will have to undergo re-sampling. Only on the basis of the analysis of quality samples can the treatment be determined, which Michal will be able to undergo thanks to YOUR selfless gifts. We will inform you about the results of the analysis, the proposed treatment as well as its procedure.
Once again, our big THANK YOU - to all of you.

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